Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Insurance company lawyers should have settled instead of continuing harrassment

Goodrich Employee Wins Harassment Lawsuit.
Chula Vista, Calif.
February, 2003
By Michael Kinsman,
The San Diego Union-Tribune Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News

Feb. 8--Goodrich Aerostructures in Chula Vista just took a half-million-dollar hit just because it didn't listen to one of its employees.

The aerospace manufacturer recently was on the losing end of a lawsuit filed by maintenance technician Bob Haist, who said he was slandered by his manager.

A San Diego Superior Court jury awarded Haist $165,000 for the slander and another $335,000 for malice.

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christina said...

I would like to know if this Bob Haist who was injured by his company is the same Bob Haist that injured my family and dumped his blind elderly father...He owes us 130 thousand dollars from the 2003 2004 years. If it is the same Bob Haist he is a con artist a schemer and out right liar and this seems right up his ally to make something up and make it stick for money.