Thursday, March 23, 2006

An Open Letter to Cheryl Cox, CVESD School Board Member

Dear Ms. Cox:

Your reason for running for mayor of Chula Vista can not be that you want to deliver open and honest decision making.

You have made decisions which were not merely sudden and without broad input, like the decision which you have criticized in which Patricia Chavez was appointed to the Chula Vista City Council, but were made entirely behind closed doors, and were criminal violations of law!

I am sad that you have been tainted by your close association with Patrick Judd, Pamela Smith and Larry Cunningham. I believe that you are a better school board member than they, but you have sacrificed the education of children, and the rule of law, for your political ambitions.

Why not come clean about criminal actions by teachers and administrators at CVESD? And by the way, what progress has there been in the police investigation into the disappearance of $20,000 from the Castle Park PTA? And please explain the OAH decision which is described in detail on my web site, San Diego Education Report.

Four very interesting letters from the judge can be found on if you go to Page 22.

Maura Larkins